About Mary Poopins Pet Care

The Cosi Connection

Cosi is a 25-year resident of Ashbury Heights. When she isn’t showering animals with affection, she is taking action to preserve the community, including beautifying the landscape and preserving bus routes. She has watched the neighborhood grow and evolve and has plenty of exciting stories about its history.

Cosi is a writer who has made a life-long study of spirituality and psychology. For her, life is an adventure to be lived. Her home is a repository of travel memorabilia; dogs are comfortable in Cosi’s lush surroundings. Day-boarding pets are always in good company because she works from home.

Pursuing Pet Care

Cosi has always had a great love of animals. She was an SPCA volunteer and frequently fulfilled neighbors’ pet needs, whether it was taking a dog for a walk or watching cats and dogs when friends went on vacation.

A mid-life health crisis caused Cosi to re-evaluate her priorities. She decided to simplify her life and turn her passion into her profession. She has been caring for pets for a living ever since.

Somewhere Between Nanny and Granny

Cosi is one of those people whom animals naturally love and trust. It’s a mutual bond. She believes animals are intuitive and understanding, so she treats them with the care one has for grandchildren. She wants all the animals in her care to be comfortable and happy.

Cosi has learned a lot from animals, including the importance of treats and naps. Everyone snuggles up together for a siesta in the early afternoon before going out for another walk.

Care as Unique as Your Pet

One size does not fit all pets. Cosi takes time to find out what each animal needs. She plays fetch with young dogs and walks older dogs at a slower pace. She gives cats copious affection on their terms. Even rats and ferrets receive plenty of play time. Cosi takes the time to learn what your pet likes so he or she really enjoys their time together. The only trouble is, she is always sad to see them go home.

Cosi with friendsTop: Buddy and Kayla enjoy some affection in Cosi’s lush home.
Bottom: A day with Cosi is literally a walk in the park for Roscoe.