Finally, someone who loves
your pet as much as you do.

Meet Cosi, a registered dog walker and cat sitter exclusive to Ashbury Heights, Cole Valley, and Upper Haight. She started Mary Poopins to provide the neighborhood with quality pet care.

Cosi believes every animal deserves respect and individual care. She cherishes the time she spends with your pets, giving each one special attention. Your animal is just a good friend paying a visit.

Choose Mary Poopins, a name you can trust.

Cosi with golden retreivers

Why Choose Mary Poopins Pet Care?

  • Cosi has a carbon-neutral “pawprint”; she performs her route on foot.
  • Dogs are walked in groups of four or less to give maximum attention and care.
  • Many dogs are walked individually because of personality, health, or schedule.
  • Close proximity allows for general flexibility and short notice requests.
  • An experienced pet care provider, Cosi can handle just about anything.
  • Cosi cares about the neighborhood’s beauty and the health of its residents.
  • When you support Mary Poopins, you support a local artist and activist.

City of San Francisco Guideline Compliant

San Francisco Guidelines for Dog Walkers

  • Each walker can have a maximum number of six dogs per walk.
  • Walker must clean up feces left by dogs and carry a container for clean up at all times.
  • Walkers must use only handling methods and equipment that are humane and in compliance with state and local law.