“My dog loves her and his torso wiggles and his tail wags whenever he sees her. I love how reliable she is: she is punctual, thorough and supervises the dogs appropriately. Cosi is extremely personable, flexible and she communicates very timely with cell phone and email. For example when the dogs have had tummy problems she’ll email me a ‘Poop Report.’

“I am acquainted with several other dog-owner neighbors who share my high level of satisfaction with her services.”
- Dr. Jeff D.

“We have found Mary Poopins to be a superb dog walking service. The owner, Cosi Pavalko, has administered to the needs of our six year old cockapoo Fanny for two years, and Fanny adores her. Fanny is often walked with a Portuguese water dog, Poolie and English Sheep Dog, and they all seem to walk amiably in a pack.

“My husband and I think Cosi is responsible and sensitive to her animals’ needs, and would highly recommend her for any of your walking or boarding needs.”
- Dr. Claire H.

Cats / Ferrets / Rats

“She [Cosi] appears to come every day and leaves a log of her visit and what she and Macaroni have done with their time together. Whenever we get home, the cat is very happy and our place is just as we’ve left it.”

“I can always tell Cosi takes good care of my ratties. They are so friendly and frisky when I get back from my trip.”
- Alison

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Cosi with friends

Top: Cosi gives Kayla a doggie massage in the backyard garden.
Bottom: Although he’s a “Retriever”, Roscoe prefers to take his ball into the grass and enjoy a view of the park.